Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Recycling Wedding Decor in Your Home

While I don't quite love the idea of making my home a post-wedding shrine where I might relive my one "glory day" until the end of time (or when we have kids)... I am totally into this.

We are decorating our reception site with vintage floral handkerchiefs (Similar to this photo from Style Me Pretty, So mom and I are compulsively looking for hankies on eBay.
So I was just forwarded this post on poppytalk, and I am totally going to do this with them after the wedding. Yay for not-tacky ways to commemorate our day!!!

Invitation update

Here are the envelopes... I think this has been one of the most fun projects. Who knew that I would end up completely obsessed with the paper?~ Invitations will go out in July, so I will post the whole enchilada then. And for the hundredth time, thank you to Kelley and Rachel for their help.

Next on the list, table cloth thrifting and writing our vows.

Monday, May 24, 2010


So I received this email from my mom yesterday...

"Re: Blog
you have not blogged since April are brilliant so i love reading what you have to say.
i thinkyou are astonishingly fab
xoxo mommers

The good news is that there is really only one person who needs to feel that way about you and that is your mom. So I am motivated once more...

Today mom and I spent the afternoon "strategizing" about our remaining craft projects. Which led to listening to ceremony music and then, oh the tears started. I mean, seriously, if we can't get through a few bars of a song played over my iPhone in the kitchen, what the hell are we going to be like on the actual day?!? Crap.

My mom is "astonishingly fab" and makes wedding planning/dreaming/strategery more fun than I could ever have imagined. Three Cheers for MomS!

On the agenda this week; a visit to LA to find fabrics for cocktail table cloths, reception table runners, and pillows for the benches. More on that later.