Friday, November 13, 2009

By the way... before I forget to share the latest wedding hiccup.

Our date is officially set and while no money has exchanged hands we are pretty firm on it- Sept. 18, 2010. D being the extreme USC football nut that he is was thrilled about the prospect of getting married during the team's only bye-week during the 2010 season (I think it was coincidental, but who knows). And I felt it was the perfect blend of September; not too close to Labor day, not too close to the cooler temperatures of October.

Until we realized that September 18th, 2010 also happens to be Yom Kippur. GRRRRRR. So I am not Jewish, nor is my fiance. But we have Jewish friends, and now I feel that we have been culturally and spiritually insensitive. There is no turning back now really, and I am sure all we need to do is approach our Jewish loved ones and explain the situation with sensitivity and grace. But I was a little peeved, to say the least, that my calendar didn't actually have that written down. There are far too many holidays for me to remember on my own.

Fabulous. The graph paper inspiration came to me in the middle of doing stats homework (and rather than finish... I got distracted). Images from Etsy, Anthropologie, and random quilting blogs I really like. I think I might need that Marc by Marc clutch for Christmas...

One last thing...

MY current wedding planning mantra is now:
"Worry is a waste of Imagination"-Dan Zadra


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thinking for two

Disclaimer-- I am totally dorky.
I know next to nothing about blogging, facebook, twitter, music, art, design, hanging out at the Standard in LA, MARNI, or the Hills. Maybe I once knew a little about fashion from my days as a hairdresser. But now, in my mid-to-late-twenties (huh?) I am finally finishing my undergrad and have reverted back to the essentials of only wearing mascara and flavored lip gloss (for no one's benefit but my own), dressing for comfort (yikes), and my newest accessory, a rather sparkly peice of jewelry on the ring finger of my left hand.
Not to downplay the seriousness of what has happened. Making a decision to spend the rest of your life sharing everything with someone else is a big deal, way more significant than simply a flippant gesture or a fondness for precious metals. But ever since D and I got engaged (October 2nd, 2009), I find myself in a perpetual state of analysis. I guess I am practicing "thinking-for-two" (something an ex-boyfriend once said I was terrible at doing). Before I get any further, let me just say that I am absolutely in love with the man I am marrying. What I seem to lack, as far as I am concerned, is the selflessness I am convinced is inherent in all successful marriages. So that is what this blog is about. Wedding planning/design/execution stuff yes... learning how to un-dorkify myself before the big day (September 18, 2010) yes... But most importantly, learning how to be a 50% stakeholder in a marriage while giving 100% of myself.