Saturday, January 30, 2010


So we are going on a date tonight. Which is good because we have been spending A LOT of time with other people (um really like just my parents) and it would be really nice to DO something alone... you know, like we did before we fell in... ok you get it. Hmmmmmm, he is pretty special.

So immediately now I need something to wear. Because it is a date. So, while this is totally irresponsible of me... I feel the need to fix on clothes. Which distracts me from the homework I have to do this weekend.

In the meantime, I have a crush on these Kate Spade Sandals. I mean srsly. If I can wait that long, I am most definitely considering these for the reception. YAY Shoes!

(And of course, Thank you KATE, for your sweet images)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kelley's Cupcake Truffles

So I normally don't use names here, but I am hoping this will be the "nudge" Kelley needs to start her baking blog. Since there are only 4 people who are following this (and two of them are Kelley and Rachel) I figured I could insert a few plugs here and there. Both are amazing epicureans and Kelley's Cupcake Truffles-- we just named them-- were to die for. Literally. Rachel is the birthday monitor at work... there have been a lot of brownies for breakfast at JEP. And thanks to both of them for helping me hold on to these super cute 10 pounds around my waist... I would be so sad if I lost them.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Boyz II Men, TLC, and Butterfly Kisses-- This post is guaranteed to offend someone...

...Good thing hardly anyone reads this blog.

Because its about to get offensive.

While I am not the type of person/bride who has been planning her wedding since 12, whenever I have envisioned my wedding (and especially in the last few months of actual planning) music has been key. Maybe I am overly sentimental, or watch too many movies, but I really feel that music has the ability to define the really important moments in one's life. When I look back at these defining moments, they are always intensely connected to certain songs or albums. Graduating from college was a lot of Midtown, my first apartment was a lot of Liz Phair, and of course, first major breakup was lots and lots of COLDPLAY. And there have been plenty of songs that get filed under the heading of "Play this at my funeral please" or "If I really had the guts I would sing this song out loud to (insert name here)". But, of course, the real goose-flesh songs are always the "I will play this at my wedding". I was talking to a friend about this at work the other day, and when I explained my theory, they laughed and showed me a playlist on their iPod affectionately entitled "Wedding Jams"-- (and I am pretty sure they are currently single).
Bringing it back to the subject of this post: Wedding Music. Originally, our plan was to use a computer, make a few play lists, rent a speaker or two and ask a willing friend to click next a few times during the ceremony and reception. I was quite happy with this idea because of a) cost and b) not running the risk of a cheesy DJ or terrible band singing Sinatra or Bon Jovi. Until I ran into Jonathan.
Jonathan is a friend who have I known for a few years. A true renaissance man, he is in real estate/ video editing/ and of course, the DJ business. I would never have considered asking him to DJ our wedding, but not because he lacks talent. All of the events I have seen him play (more than I can count) have been pretty awesome. But again-- I associated wedding DJ with lots of hair gel and the glass clinking- make the bride and groom kiss- game, which makes me seriously nauseous. SO when he flat out offered to DJ our wedding for next to nothing, I was a bit cautious. BUT-- after consideration of the "What is the cost of peace of mind that things will be done right at your wedding" theory, we took him up on his offer.
Now, Jonathan is seriously cool. He can read a crowd, and while having a distinct style and taste for the music he likes, he would never make it known. I am super confident that he will make our wedding perfect, and afterwards the guests will barely remember him being there.
We met with him on Thursday night, and spent some time reading over the "populars" (First dance, processional, father/daughter dance etc.) -- to be honest, it kind of freaked me out a little bit. Jonathan laughed and assured us that these were "most requested" and not indicative of anything he would automatically play. We are building a playlist that will make everyone (or just D and I) really happy, and so that is one more thing checked off the list. It did get me thinking though. What is the deal with the "most popular songs"?? They are all the same, on every list, and every You Tube wedding video. How is it possible that every bride and groom like the same kind of music? Why is it, it seems, that when it comes to wedding music, people forget all about the music that they really like, and end up with a fairly poor collection of top-40 songs?? I mean, I love my Dad too, but if I ever dance with him (at some one's wedding, or my own) to Bob Carlisle singing "She was sent here from heaven and she's
daddy's little girl/ As I drop to my knees by her bed at night/ She talks to Jesus and/ I close my eyes and/ I thank god for all the joy in my life/ Oh, but most of all/ For butterfly kisses after bedtime prayer..." I think I would throw up all over his double breasted suit.

(Images courtesy of Rhythmic Soul, Contact Music, and BBC).

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I am in love...

For Christmas this year my aunt in the UK sent me an India Hicks Island Living shower gel. It might not seem like a decadent gift-- but I have taken more showers over the past few weeks then, well... you get the point. It is the most awesome stuff ever, I had to order the entire line. I can't really even describe the scent... soapy, floral, feminine (?) BUT-- more than anything I am just hoping it will make me more like her- WOW. For those of you unfamiliar with the British Royal, check her out here.

She is a super talented designer and I really love these stylish photos of her home in the Bahamas (duh), found on mimi and meg.

Images from Crabtree and Evelyn and Mimi and Meg (originally from the late great Domino Magazine... RIP)

Saturday, January 16, 2010


WOW. We were warned...

My moh told us to not register at more than one place in a day. My Mother told us to do it online. Another friend suggested we bring snacks... We didn't listen.

What an ordeal. We started at bloomingdale's. The first hour was awesome. Our consultant, Betty, was very knowledgeable about the pros and cons of nonstick, and the benefits of Caphlon vs. All-Clad. Even D was into it- he is the cook in the family after all. And the gun. oh, the gun. The gun is very fun. SO we scanned, and discussed, and scanned discussed and scanned without discussing. By the time we got to bedding bernie was asleep in my purse, Doug was streaming the football game on his iPhone, and I had had enough of Betty and her opinion that we really should just register for at least 12 of everything.

We should have just stopped there. But we moved on to crate and barrel. The one good thing about bloomingdale's was that there were very few people there, and no other registering couples. C and B, on the other hand, was outrageous. There was a guy in an apron giving tours and passing out scanner guns, TO FOUR COUPLES AT A TIME. It looked like the day after Christmas, and there was even an eerie feeling of competition, like I had to scan the ultra sleek noodle bowl with matching chopstick set before anyone else did. To be honest, I think I am in a bridal blackout. And D wants to kill. me. We are officially registered, and got home before dark and before the Colts/Ravens game- (and ps. D backed into a pole in the C and B parking lot... NOT A FUN WAY TO END THE ROMANTIC DAY OF REGISTERING)

Good news-- we did find a living room set we really liked. It is on the registry, for now. I just don't know how I feel about registering for such big ticket items. Apron man said you absolutely should, because people often go in on a big gift with other people. But he also told us to register for sets of 16, just in case things break. Seems like a bit of a sales pitch to me. I mean, do you really think this C and B employee would say, 'gosh, no, I wouldn't register for a $700 , that might be rude'. Any ideas?

From ESB

East side bride posted something a few days ago I really liked that was also not wedding related. Check it out here. (Photo courtesy of The Guardian's Book Blog).

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Grilled Cheese Sand-wishes

(Photo from Julie's Blog)
I was talking to a friend and fellow mellow-bride about food and catering logistics for their big day. She mentioned that they were serving chocolate shakes because they were her favorite dessert when she was a kid. The thought then occurred to me that we might want to personalize our wedding menu as well. But then, what is my favorite food??
So I have decided on grilled cheese sandy's. They are the perfect cheat/comfort food, they can be savory (check out this recipe on epicurious) or perhaps even sweet (with strawberry jam- I am serious)
I talked to my fabulous WC about possibly having them as hors d'oeuvres... I have no idea how this would work out logistically... but I am on a mission to figure out if its possible.

Check out "10 Tips for the Greatest Grilled Cheese" On Yahoo! Food
and an amazing recipe for strawberry-kumquat jam on Julie's Blog.


Our records indicate that the following shipment has been delivered:

Reference: Anna (Whitmey)
Ship (P/U) date: Jan 11, 2010
Delivery date: Jan 13, 2010 10:57 AM
Sign for by: S.WHITMEY
Delivered to: Residence
Service type: FedEx 2Day
Packaging type: FedEx Box
Number of pieces: 1
Weight: 1.00 lb.
Special handling/Services: Residential Delivery

I got this little beauty in my inbox this morning... My wedding dress has officially arrived and is not sitting on my soggy, dirty doorstep but is safe and sound in the house. It should have said; "Special Handling/Services: BE INCREDIBLY CAREFUL MR. FED EX GUY--- THERE IS A PRICELESS TREASURE WAITING TO BE WORN AT MY WEDDING IN THIS BOX. PLEASE DO NOT SMUSH, JOSTLE, OR OTHERWISE DISTURB THIS INCREDIBLY PRECIOUS CARGO.

Ahhhhhh, now on to the accessories. I really like this flower, found on etsy at everydayfairytale.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Just Thought I would Share...

That I started my last semester of college today. Finally. At 26 years old. Awesome.

My first- last day. This is my happy face

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Napa Trip

A bit delayed in posting... but amusing photos (With D's new camera YAY!!!)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Baby Shower Madness

Not mine... Thank goodness!

One of my BF's is due in March so I have happily volunteered to throw her shower next month. My mother was a little nervous about having it at the house but after a little convincing she seems to be on board.

My only challenge now is to throw a party that meets both my standards and my budget. Why oh why did I end up with such expensive tastes?!?!

-White gerber daisies in jam jars
-Brunch-y foods (quiche and cupcakes of course)
-Mimosas and Lemonade
-My favorite idea of the moment: A Onesie Clothesline! Check out Hangry Pants for more cute pics!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Fabulous Christmas Present

I am obsessed with the Jonathan Adler salt and pepper shakers I got for Christmas. I am definitely marrying the right man...
Oh and the water pitcher... insanely cool (and worth registering for).

Apologies and Resolutions

So... two weeks after my last post (which was well, my first post) I began to get the pangs of guilt for not posting.

I guess it is similar to when you owe a friend a call, and then you don't call, and then you keep "not-calling" because you feel bad for not calling, and then... well you know how it goes. Then you run into them at Trader Joe's and all you can come up with is "I meant to call you back weeks ago but I. Have. Been. So. Darn. Busy." Hmfph.

So, no excuses. I am here-- posting is my New Year's Resolution. I had to come up with something better than "working out more"-- especially because my friends' resolutions are so much more hip and worldly than mine (think "get published" or "read the newspaper everyday" yikes).

New Year's-- I would rather call them "Priorities" instead of "Resolutions"-- here are the rest of them...
1. Listen more-- Talk less.
2. Get a job (duh)
3. Balance planning a wedding with enjoying the small moment in time when we are engaged.

And wedding updates:
1. Coordinator. Check. She rules.
2. Photographer. Awesome check. (and a friend which is a huge plus)
3. Music. Almost check. (Also a friend yay)
4. Catering. Yummy check.
5. Venue. Massive grin happy check.
6. Dress. Most fabulous beautiful perfect exactly-what-I-wanted check.

Pretty Darn good for a winter break I must say...