Saturday, February 6, 2010

Swwwweet Gifts

Not much time to post... but it has been a week; so, in keeping with my new year's res here is what I have been oogling on etsy this morning:

1. Custom return address stamps. I know these have been around for ages, but I think these ones are super cute. Also, I think this is a great wedding/shower gift (as long as you are not, er, me, and wait so long to buy presents that you are forced to go to crate and barrel and print out the 17 page registry and walk around for hours looking for a gift/ or even a person in an apron to help you). If you can think ahead, (orders usually take a few weeks) these are awesome gifts!

From RubberStampPress:

From NoteTrunk:

2. Custom Luggage Tags. At one point, we were looking for luggage tags to act as save-the-dates for our guests, but they were either a) cheap and janky looking, or b) too expensive to send to every guest. These, from OfTheFountain are rad (of course) and another swell gift idea for newlyweds.

(Thank you RubberStampPress, NoteTrunk, and OfTheFountain!)

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