Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How embarrasing...

Sorry it has been so long since I have posted... I am sure no one is reading this anymore now that I have completely abandoned my responsibilities/new year's resolution.

Things are going really well... I have three weeks until graduation, so there is a reason for my silence, but no excuses!

So here is a recap of the last 6 weeks:

After 2 years, I finally got a car of my own!!!

Julie and Adam welcomed "lil squirt" Dylan into their family

We went to Seattle with my parents, where I had the most amazing sandwich in the entire world.

Doug sold his house, and all his furniture... have you ever tried to move a stackable washer-dryer??

And SINCE this blog is supposed to be about wedding planning...
OUR SAVE THE DATES WENT OUT!!!! (Lovingly addressed by Kelley and stamped with the help of Rachel and Kyndal). They are awesome... totally what I had hoped they would be. Muchos Gracias to Asa at Inky Livie for her patience and attention to detail.

It has been awesome... I have the best group of people around me right now. I just have to get through three more weeks and I will have the whole summer to plan/travel/dream/nap... and cut some hair!

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  1. you need to post a photo of you and doug's cars together.