Thursday, April 29, 2010

Repost from Snippet and Ink...

lemonade stands... ice cream machines... little mustaches on sticks for photo shoots...bridesmaids carrying balloons... doggies in tuxes as ring bearers... "First Look" is safe to say when my mother looks at all these ideas, she probably wants to faint. As weddings have become more and more liberal (the other meaning), the wedding ideas floating around the blog-o-sphere have become almost overwhelming. While it is so fabulous to live in an era where anything goes and weddings have become an expression of the couple's individuality, is it possible that it has become a little competitive and weird?

When we got engaged, I developed an addiction to all the underground wedding blogs (The "indie" wedding planning resources... if I only knew what "indie" really meant. I guess if I don't know what it means, I am definitely NOT whatever it is.) We (well, let's be honest here, I) wanted to get some ideas for the wedding of my dreams, so I have been compulsively reading every wedding blog I can get my paws on. I realized that I am on the hunt for originality, to the point where I come up with an idea, and then if I see it on a blog or here someone else has done it, then I scrap it from the list. This is silly.

I am so grateful for what was said on Snippet and Ink today. I read S&I nearly everyday (and then blog my own brand of crazy here) and I was so impressed with her post.

"Thinking about my own wedding can make blogging a little tricky, and being a wedding blogger has shaped my planning process. In lots of ways it's been amazing (I've made some really wonderful friends who have been such incredible resources and so supportive) and in other ways it's been overwhelming (I have so many ideas, yet nothing seems original because every clever wedding idea anyone ever had has been posted on a blog somewhere and then re-blogged a hundred times over). There's also this thing where everyone seems to think that because I blog about weddings, I should know exactly what I want my wedding to be. (People. I've been engaged since last May. Between then and August we changed the date twice, at three different venues, in two different states. And then we put things on hold. Does that sound like a person who knows exactly what she wants for her wedding?)"

It made me realize that I have been in neverneverland; constantly pondering how to have unique elements at our wedding that express who we are as a couple. It is so tricky when you want to have a party that is the essence of individuality, when, let's face it, it has ALL BEEN DONE BEFORE. Well, it certainly feels that way at least. There are rarely any completely original ideas. And really, who cares if it is "original"?!? If you love the idea of whoopie pies and a dessert bar, than you should just do it, regardless of whether or not it has been done before. For my wedding planning, the blogs have been a blessing and a curse, but after this post I am realizing something. If it is about your journey with your soul mate, and about sharing the inception of that journey with you family and friends, then it is completely original.
I am releasing myself from any future expectations about "originality" or "creativity"-- our wedding will be great because it is a party celebrating the first day of our marriage, which is the whole point.

(Photo courtesy of 100 Layer Cake)

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