Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I Apologize A Lot...

(photo courtesy of Rand(Om)Bites)

So, First, let me start by giving credit to Laurie for finding the awesome hankie pictures at poppytalk. I am normally SUPER sensitive about my acknowledgments, but I have obviously been a little off the beam lately. So silly of me, sorry!

Next, since it is the 1st of June, and the BD is in 109 days, I am in workout/weight loss compulsion mode. The working out has been easier to jump start than the D-I-E-T (ohhh crap) but we are making progress. My goal for June (or as long as I continue to be unemployed) is 12 workouts per week. So far, so good. I am combining running and mild weightlifting with hot yoga at a new studio by my house. It is different from the traditional Bikram that I'm used to, but it is better in a lot of ways as well. For one, it changes every class, which helps me stay interested and not bored. Also, the teachers are very different and I love their energy. Friday's class was heated vinyasa with 3 pound weights, ugh it was ridiculously hard but awesome. I am still constantly critiquing myself in the mirror (I doubt that obsession will ever go away) but my pants are fitting a bit better, and Mr. Right swears I have lost weight. Unfortunately, he only brings it up when I ask him 50 million times if I look like I have lost weight. It is a never ending cycle. One day I won't care as much and it will be easier on him, poor guy. :)

So, my plan for the next 90 days is to live by the quote:

'Not taking care of your body is like not paying rent;
you end up with no place to live.' Gayle Olinekova

I will let you all know how that goes...

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