Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wedding Planning Tip #233454

ok, so at this point, I am starting to accumulate all the good advice I have gotten about wedding planning, as well as light bulb moments I am having along the way. I must say, the #1 thing I here the most from brides is that the day goes by so fast, you miss so much, and you barely get to eat anything, etc. Which I can totally imagine, as it is 9 months of planning for one freaking day. So, my plan for the next three months is to absolutely relish in every single detail, every single moment of wedding planning and absolutely enjoy it all. Because it would be such a bummer to stress and gnash teeth during the entire planning process and then not even get to soak up all the details... SO I AM SOAKING IN THEM GOSH DARNIT!!!!!!

The whirlwind wedding planning trip up the coast was so full of mother daughter giggles and massive grins that I spent all day today in my PJ's. It was just too much fun. We met with the caterers, who are absolutely rad (more info here). Lets just say the menu is orgasmic, and includes grilled cheese sandwiches and churros. Srsly. Next, we headed inland with my godmother for dinner and girl talk. It was really nice to get advice from my mom(s) who have both stayed married for 30+ years. Finally we visited the venue again (still as romantic and perfect as I remembered) and the florist, who will rock.

As a wedding graduate on APW put it,
"The Wedding Angels look down and say, 'Poor baby, you need to calm it down.' And you do, because you realize what Grammy told you is true: All you need is the man, the preacher and the dress."


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