Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kelley's Cupcake Truffles

So I normally don't use names here, but I am hoping this will be the "nudge" Kelley needs to start her baking blog. Since there are only 4 people who are following this (and two of them are Kelley and Rachel) I figured I could insert a few plugs here and there. Both are amazing epicureans and Kelley's Cupcake Truffles-- we just named them-- were to die for. Literally. Rachel is the birthday monitor at work... there have been a lot of brownies for breakfast at JEP. And thanks to both of them for helping me hold on to these super cute 10 pounds around my waist... I would be so sad if I lost them.


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  2. mission accomplished! i cant figure out how to leave you a comment, without creating a blog. so i guess i have a blog now. also,