Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Our records indicate that the following shipment has been delivered:

Reference: Anna (Whitmey)
Ship (P/U) date: Jan 11, 2010
Delivery date: Jan 13, 2010 10:57 AM
Sign for by: S.WHITMEY
Delivered to: Residence
Service type: FedEx 2Day
Packaging type: FedEx Box
Number of pieces: 1
Weight: 1.00 lb.
Special handling/Services: Residential Delivery

I got this little beauty in my inbox this morning... My wedding dress has officially arrived and is not sitting on my soggy, dirty doorstep but is safe and sound in the house. It should have said; "Special Handling/Services: BE INCREDIBLY CAREFUL MR. FED EX GUY--- THERE IS A PRICELESS TREASURE WAITING TO BE WORN AT MY WEDDING IN THIS BOX. PLEASE DO NOT SMUSH, JOSTLE, OR OTHERWISE DISTURB THIS INCREDIBLY PRECIOUS CARGO.

Ahhhhhh, now on to the accessories. I really like this flower, found on etsy at everydayfairytale.

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