Saturday, January 16, 2010


WOW. We were warned...

My moh told us to not register at more than one place in a day. My Mother told us to do it online. Another friend suggested we bring snacks... We didn't listen.

What an ordeal. We started at bloomingdale's. The first hour was awesome. Our consultant, Betty, was very knowledgeable about the pros and cons of nonstick, and the benefits of Caphlon vs. All-Clad. Even D was into it- he is the cook in the family after all. And the gun. oh, the gun. The gun is very fun. SO we scanned, and discussed, and scanned discussed and scanned without discussing. By the time we got to bedding bernie was asleep in my purse, Doug was streaming the football game on his iPhone, and I had had enough of Betty and her opinion that we really should just register for at least 12 of everything.

We should have just stopped there. But we moved on to crate and barrel. The one good thing about bloomingdale's was that there were very few people there, and no other registering couples. C and B, on the other hand, was outrageous. There was a guy in an apron giving tours and passing out scanner guns, TO FOUR COUPLES AT A TIME. It looked like the day after Christmas, and there was even an eerie feeling of competition, like I had to scan the ultra sleek noodle bowl with matching chopstick set before anyone else did. To be honest, I think I am in a bridal blackout. And D wants to kill. me. We are officially registered, and got home before dark and before the Colts/Ravens game- (and ps. D backed into a pole in the C and B parking lot... NOT A FUN WAY TO END THE ROMANTIC DAY OF REGISTERING)

Good news-- we did find a living room set we really liked. It is on the registry, for now. I just don't know how I feel about registering for such big ticket items. Apron man said you absolutely should, because people often go in on a big gift with other people. But he also told us to register for sets of 16, just in case things break. Seems like a bit of a sales pitch to me. I mean, do you really think this C and B employee would say, 'gosh, no, I wouldn't register for a $700 , that might be rude'. Any ideas?

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